Creative Writing

The Creative Writing sessions give you the chance to develop and use your imagination to create and write stories.

We use different starting points to inspire us and help us use our imaginations. For example:

We imagined that we got snowed into a hotel where there was only one other guest was staying. That guest could be anybody you liked – a celebrity, a relative, someone you’ve always wanted to meet or spend time with. We each wrote a story to tell how we would spend that ‘snow day’ with our chosen person.

We learnt about metaphors and similes then wrote poems about Autumn full of metaphors.

We had a competition to start a story with the sentence ‘There was a knock on the door’. Everyone then had to write a story no more than 500 words telling who was knocking and what happened next. These turned into detective stories, zombie stories, romance stories and fantasy stories!

We learnt how to use speech marks correctly and then wrote a conversation between a father and son, and then a story about meeting talking animals.

We visited an art gallery and studied a painting that appealed to us. We then wrote about the characters in the painting, telling the story behind the moment captured by the artist.

The Creative Writing sessions are suitable for people who can write and would like support to develop their writing, or have time and space to use their imaginations.

Help is given with spelling and punctuation when needed.

Sessions are on Monday mornings, 10.30am - 12.30pm. There are usually around 4 – 8 people in the group.

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