St Wilfrid's Centre FAQs

This page has a list of common frequently asked questions and our answers to them. If there is something that you'd like ask, please get in touch.


What is the purpose of St Wilfrid's Centre?

St Wilfrid's Centre for the homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded is a day centre offering welfare services and educational classes.

St Wilfrid's is a caring community based on Christian values where marginalised and vulnerable people can find understanding, practical assistance, a sense of belonging and the support to regain their self esteem and overcome barriers of social exclusion.


What personal development programmes do you offer and when are they available?

You can see our full activity timetable on this page…


Who do you cater for?

We work with men and women broadly described as 'vulnerable'

We work with men and women (at a ratio of around 75:25) broadly described as ‘vulnerable’. This means that some people who come to us are homeless or are likely to have accommodation that they are struggling to manage. Mental health problems affect a significant number of our clients, this can be caused by abuse, mild spectrum disorders, loneliness or just the basic inability to cope with day to day living in our modern society. Many clients have learning disabilities, many struggle with lifeskills and literacy, cannot cope with structure and have rejected other service providers. If we were not here for them, they simply would not go anywhere else. Whilst we do see people recovering from alcohol or substance abuse, St Wilfrid’s operates as a dry centre. To protect vulnerable clients we therefore have an “access by interview” policy and our 'Doormen' control entry to the building.


What is the Centre's income spent on?

Where does your money go? Here are some facts that may be of interest, we:

  • have 17,000 attendances each year, 60-80 clients per day;
  • provide 44,200 meals and snacks each year;
  • provide 113,000 cups of tea or coffee each year;
  • have showers, personal hygiene and washing facilities;
  • run a clothing store;
  • offer warmth, support and a safe healthy environment.
  • help clients meet, make friends and re-enter society;
  • help clients regain their personal identity;
  • provide leisure activities and recreation.
  • support clients with learning difficulties or mental health problems;-support asylum seekers;
  • help clients interact with the statutory services and other agencies;
  • provide counselling, or advice on benefits, housing and health matters;
  • assist clients to regain their independence and self-determination.
  • offer training in independent living skills – cooking, budgeting, literacy;
  • provide skills training in a fully equipped Skills Workshop;
  • offer structured activities and interest groups;
  • offer certificated training courses in Computing, ITC and Food Hygiene;
  • encourage self-esteem and help boost personal confidence;
  • support clients to seek voluntary or paid work if and when appropriate; 

Clients take as long as they need before moving on to independent living. No other provision in the North of England offers so much on one site.


How can you help me?

If you are homeless, vulnerable or socially excluded we may be able to provide the support you need.

We work with the homeless to find them short or long term accommodation, or just overnight temporary shelter. There is an acute shortage of temporary accommodation in Sheffield and sometimes we can only provide those living rough with a sleeping bag and a food parcel. Those presenting at our front door asking for help may be distressed, hungry and alone. Sometimes they are also challenging and confrontational. Sometimes, they just need a little help on that day, and we never see them again, equally we may work with some clients for several years before they are ready to 'move on'. 

We recognise that mental health problems or learning disabilities affect a significant number of our clients. Many struggle with basic skills including lifeskills and literacy. We specifically work with clients who cannot cope with structure and who have rejected other service providers. If we were not here for them, they would probably not go anywhere else. We work with the statutory services and other agencies to provide the appropriate support.

You may be vulnerable for a wide variety of reasons. We will work with you to overcome your problems, help to restore your self esteem and support your return to normal living.


Do you accept furniture donations?

No, but St Vincent's Furniture Store does! You can contact them on this number: 0114 2703990.