Personal Development Certificates

By joining the Personal Development Programme you will be taking important steps on the road to recovery and achievement.  Time and again we see clients shine through their circumstances, become more able and confident, complete activities and become more and more experienced.

Every year at the Personal Development Awards Celebration, we formally recognise those who have completed coursework in Numeracy, Literacy and Computers by presenting certificates of achievement – and everyone is welcome to take part.  Together we congratulate the dedication and achievement of learners who have travelled so far in their journey to becoming more effective - and more prepared for the world of learning and working.

Our internally accredited PDP Awards are based on the Open College Network scheme of merit at four levels:  Entry Level, Level 1, Level 1+1 and Level 2.  We invite everyone to embrace their opportunity to achieve qualifications and we hope these become the building blocks for future achievement.  For those who are new to completing coursework, we provide all the help you need ´╗┐at every step of the way to fulfil your potential and recognise your strengths and talents.