How to do a Reverse Advent Calendar for St Wilfrid's Centre

We are so grateful when people and businesses want to help support the Centre’s work with vulnerable and socially excluded adults in Sheffield.

We are always in need of food & clothing items that we give to rough sleepers and our clients in need.  Christmas is a busy time of year for us and we see an increase in people needing our support and wanting to donate, which is wonderful! 

So, this year, why not join other members of our community and take part in our
Reverse Advent Calendar!

•          How to take part and what to do!

The idea of a Reverse Advent Calendar is that you ‘give’ (rather than receive) each day in Advent.  All you need to do is: 

1.      Buy a bag for life

2.      Add an item into the bag from the list below each day in December

3.      Deliver the bag to us by 20th December or after 2nd January 2019. Simple!


The St Wilfrid’s Centre Shopping List

Toiletries (we have roughly a 70/30 percent split of male to female clients)

·        Shower gel

·         Soap

·         Shampoo

·         Deodorant - particularly roll on for men

·         Face flannels/shower puffs  

·         Toothpaste

·         Combs

·         Hairbrushes


·         Men's underwear - boxer shorts M/L/XL

·         Women's pants - all sizes 

·         Hats 

·         Gloves 

·         Scarves

Food Items - long shelf life items please

  • Boxes/tins of individually wrapped chocolates

  • Tinned meat & fish:  tuna, casserole, stewing steak

  • Tinned vegetables: Potatoes,  peas & carrots, tomatoes

  • Tinned rice pudding & custard

  • Jars of pickles

  • Drinks: orange & blackcurrant cordials, hot chocolate

  • Store cupboard items: brown sauce, salad cream – in plastic bottles please!

  • Pot noodles, cup-a-soups

    Please kindly drop off any items collected to the Centre - we are not able to collect.  

    The office is open Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm.

    Please drop items before 20th December or after 2nd January 2019

Madeleine Thomas