Creative Writing Group get festive with Angels


As part of the Festival of Angels to be hosted at St Marie’s Cathedral, our Creative Writing group has produced some fabulous work which will be on display from 2-28 December.

Over the last few weeks some of our clients have been working with artist Griselda Goldsborough, part of a team funded by the Heritage Lottery to produce creative interpretations of angels.

Here's a sample of some of their work:

If you want to see an Angel

If you want to see an angel, you go to find out where it fell. 
If you want to get to Heaven, you’ve got to raise a little Hell.

A Poem on an Angel

Your wings are so bright
Your smile is wide
You watch over people and protect them
If they are hurting you comfort them
If they are lonely you are their protector
You are there to protect them
So many wings come here dripping honey
And I speak here in your home Oh God

The Shining Light

I stand by the river of my tears feeling the bitterness in my heart blackening the thoughts in my mind. I then hear the subtle humming and see a spark of golden light making my heart clean and light. The angel made of the purest light washes over me and within cleansing the pain from my head and heart my body mind and soul.

 (Names have been omitted to protect our client’s identity)