St Wilfrid’s is a day centre based in Sheffield and is open daily Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm to all homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded adults aged 18+.

We have a skilled staff team that offer basic Welfare Services as well as Personal Development activities to promote wellbeing and independence.  Every aspect of the Centre aims to improve clients’ wellbeing and to encourage independence.

St Wilfrid’s Centre is a dry centre. There is strictly no admittance for those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I don’t know what I used to do before coming to St Wilfrid’s. I love it here with all the things to do and people are so friendly.
— Lizzy (learning difficulties)

Welfare Services


Personal Development




Rough Sleeper Service

Welfare Services

Everyone referred to St Wilfrid’s Centre is seen by our in-house Welfare Team.  

Clients are referred to St Wilfrid’s from across the city or clients can self-refer if they are in need of emergency support.

The Welfare Workers give support, advice and let clients know what assistance can be given and provided by St Wilfrid’s Centre and offer support for the duration of a client’s time with us.

Some people come for our basic services: hot meals, showers, laundry, sleeping bags, finding accommodation, having a haircut or food and clothes parcels.

Others want somewhere safe to come regularly to meet other people and join our wide range of daily activities.

We can support clients to liaise with other agencies or advise them on which agencies are best placed to help with their particular concern.

Our main hall is well stocked with snooker table, pool table, darts, table tennis, board games and TV.  These give clients the chance to take part and interact with others.

This helps to build self-confidence, feel accepted and valued.

The Welfare Team organise events such as our Christmas party, parties to mark special events, annual sports day and BBQ and Yorkshire Day.

They also organise our annual schedule of trips and outings including trips to the seaside.

Coming to St Wilfrid’s gets me out of my flat. I just used to stay in, clean & watch telly. I really enjoy all the socials. Everyone is so friendly… I’ve had lots of support, especially with bills, which I couldn’t have done on my own.
— LJ (sexual abuse survivor, depression & anxiety)

Personal Development

We offer all of our clients a bespoke Personal Development Programme to help them re-engage with community, learning and employment.

On a weekly basis we offer over 35 activities and events that are organised by our Personal Development Team.

All of our activities are half-day sessions and are well structured and run by staff and volunteers. Many of the groups regularly benefit from trips out using our minibus.

It was the best day I have had in years…
— SR (talking about the first day he spent at St Wilfrid’s Centre)

Our skills workshop has two aspects

We run a Skill Workshop runs five days a week, morning and afternoon and provide training and mentoring for clients in woodwork, print-work and laser-work. We also produce items to order and for sale to raise money for the Centre.

Skills Workshop sessions are led by skilled and experienced staff and volunteers. Clients work with the team to produce items to sell or things for themselves.

Sessions are adapted to suit and develop client ability.  On Fridays we run a session for female clients.

Working in the skills workshop has given me my confidence back.
— JL (previous rough sleeper)

Rough Sleeper Service

St Wilfrid’s Centre provides a support service all year round for rough sleepers during the Centre’s opening hours. Each person is warmly welcomed and is met by someone from the Welfare Team who will assess the individual’s needs and see how the Centre can best provide support. This can range from provision of a hot shower, food, sleeping bag and clothes to sign posting the individual to the relevant support agencies.

If you would like to support this service there are a number of ways that you can help, including donating items or funding a rough sleeper pack. 

I come to St Wilfrid’s because I feel safe here. People listen.
— AL (sleeping rough, alcohol dependent, learning disability)