Let's Celebrate

We’ve had an amazing day here today celebrating the success of 30 client’s achievements & work here at the Centre. Friends & family came to see their loved ones work displayed around the Centre and Deputy Lord Mayor Tony Downing presented clients with certificates of achievement.

 The wide display of client’s works showcases the breadth of activities at the Centre including pottery items, art works, poems, photographs and woodwork items including a display of photos and a colorful 3d wall hanging which a group of twelve students produced on a recent residential arts trip to Northern College. Tutors provided short presentations about the amazing workshops, classes and outings that Clients have attended and the milestones achieved by clients in those activities.

 Dominic who oversees the Personal Development Programme for clients at the Centre said ‘This is such an important part of our clients’ journey with us, being able to reflect on what they have done over the year and show their family and friends their achievements.’

 For one such client, Mohammed, who has been at the Centre since 2013 taking part in the photography group and producing items in the wood workshop have helped him socialise and build his confidence. As Mohammed says ‘I come to the Workshop and Photography sessions because they make me feel good, I really look forward to them. I’ve never done these things before and I never got any certificates from school. I’ve never had a certificate to put on the wall and this will make me feel proud.’  

Madeleine Thomas