St Wilfrid's remains open for 'business as usual' in Arctic conditions

In spite of the heavy snow, St Wilfrid’s Centre is delighted to report that the ‘doors are open’ until 4pm to welcome clients.

Says Centre Director Josie ‘it is more important than ever that we are open today and remain open in this extreme cold spell. We are here to welcome anyone who feels in need of a warm safe place to be during the day, a hot meal, shower or just company. Many of our regular clients have already braved it in today and we’re delighted that we can be here for them.’

And this is what some of our client’s said why they are at the Centre today:

‘I come in because it is better than staying on my own’

‘I don’t want to be at home because I love coming to St Wilfrid’s. So what is a bit of snow?’

‘I’m here to get a good hot meal’

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Madeleine Thomas