'Tell us a story' - clients get creative

Clients were invited to enter our short story competition, judged last week at the Centre by The Star newspaper editor, Nancy Fielder. The starting line had to be ‘it was a very dark and blustery afternoon in spring....’

The Centre held an afternoon of storytelling, where all 13 entries were read out followed by a certificate giving ceremony when the winners were announced.

Said Nancy said ‘I was delighted to be asked to judge this competition and loved the wide range of interpretations. Their imagination, wit and storytelling skills were really impressive.’

First Prize went to Lorna, with her story ‘Magic through the Wind’. Lorna who has been coming to the Centre for a couple of years and over that time has built up her confidence to take part in a wide range of groups and activities both inside and outside the Centre inlcuding the story competition.

Said Lorna ‘ it meant a lot to me taking part but winning is great, as this is the first time I have ever won a competition. I'm really looking forward to spending my book token, and I like stories with a good drama so I will treat myself to a new book.’

You can read Lorna's and some of the other entries below and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we all do.  

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First Prize: The Magic through the Wind - by Lorna

It was a very dark, blustery afternoon in Spring and it was so very windy that I lost my way to my family and ended up at a witches house. The Witch said that this blustery day will last all Spring to keep the evil spirits away.

Her name was Winnie and she was a very friendly witch. She also said that she will make a spell for a long hot summer that will last until September, to make up for this blustery windy weather. After she explained what was happening here we went off together in her rocket to pick up my mum and all my friends. She said ‘broomsticks where out of date!’

Me and my mum said it was an experience that we would never forget, even if we got really forgetful!

Winne took us to a very magical place where there was every type of food there you could imagine and Fairground rides, music and all sorts of entertainment like fire-eaters and magicians. We also went to a Grand Witches Ball and there was also a private beach. We stopped there until the blustery, windy, blowy day stopped and when we went home it was sunny. I felt so good to be alive. The moral of this story is that no matter how bad things may be, good things can and do happen.

She said ‘Keep the Seat Warm’ - by Stephen

It was a very dark, blustery afternoon in Spring.

Leaves were blowing out of the trees

Trees were shaking.

Some were coming down.

Tiles were coming off rooves.

It was not a nice afternoon to be waiting for anyone to go to the cinema. John was waiting for Julie at the Kiosk where she said she’d meet him.

Mother told him not to go out on a day like this. She said ‘You’ll be wasting your time’. You know how mothers are! Wanting to make sure you are ok. It would be warmer in the cinema with her if she turned up.

She gave me a ring on her mobile, she said she’d be late.

She said she’d meet me outside the cinema.

She said ‘keep the seat warm’.

She came in a big red coat!

I had worn these pyjamas all morning  - by Lorraine

It was a very dark blustery afternoon in Spring. I was at home alone looking out of the window as the wind blew the daffodils in my garden and I watched as the yellow petals moved. They looked like they were dancing. I should have been getting ready to go out but I felt sick there by the window, looking out on a world I didn’t always feel a part of.

I knew I had to move and get dressed. I had worn these pyjamas all morning and he would be here soon to pick me up. I slowly turned around and made my way up the stairs where in my bedroom, my clothes were already laid out on the bed. I had put them out last night, a way to try to get myself ready for today. I had chosen a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans. I didn’t really know where we could be going and I wanted to feel comfortable. I got dressed slowly trying to put off the inevitable I think. But you can’t slow down time and he was coming!

 I went back down stairs and walked back to my window. I wasn’t watching the daffodils dance this time though, I was nervously watching for him coming. My heart had started to pound in my chest and my palms were sweating. I didn’t know if it was because he would be here soon or that I would have to go with him and leave the house. I hadn’t been passed the gate for a long, long, time. I took a look at the clock on the wall, it was 5 minutes before he was due and I was scared, I was praying for these 5 minutes to last forever.

But also I wanted him and there he was and he looked at me up and saw me looking at him through the window. He smiled at me and walked right up to my front door. He didn’t need to knock, I was already opening the door.

He smiled at me again and said ‘Hi, I’m Joseph and I’ve come to take you to the Centre. Don’t be scared, everyone is really lovely and they are going to help you feel much better!’

I smiled right back at him. I didn’t know whether what he said was true, but I was willing to find out.

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Madeleine Thomas